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Contains, for each (entity type) key, a list of entity types which that entity type points to.

Shows how all the IP classes relate to each other.

Key is the very short string representations of the type (as generated from ToStringVeryShort)
Value is List<-EntityTypeAndKey-> with corresponding types that refer to that type.

Depends on AllIPDerivedTypes (the static defined schema), that is, it does not attempt to dynamically discover any structures.

See also IPRelationsKeysPointingTo and ForeignKeyDirection.


If we have a class called OrderLine with property keys OrderLineP.OrderId and OrderLineP.ProductId then the entry for the key 'OrderLine' would be like new List<EntityTypeAndKey> { "Order OrderId", 'Product ProductId' }.

Relations defined with PKRelAttribute (ForeignEntity) is also taken into account.
For instance for Employee there might be a key EmployeeP.SupervisorId pointing to another Employee.
TODO: Document use of OppositeTerm in such cases.


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