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AggregationKey , AggregationType , Execute , GetCrossSummationChecker , SyntaxHelp , TryCheckForExistenceOfKey

Creates a table by querying over two keys like
For 'Order', 'PIVOT Product BY Year'.
'PIVOT Product BY Year SUM Amount'.

See SyntaxHelp.

See also:
QueryExpressionAggregate which aggregates over only one key
FunctionKeyAggregate which operates over a collection of properties.

TODO: Nov 2020: There is lot of similar code in QueryExpressionPivot and -QueryExpressionAggregate.

AggregationKeyThis is often null (with AggregationType correspondingly set to Count-).
AggregationTypeMost common value is Count, in which case AggregationKey may be correspondingly set to null.
ExecuteTransforms the given input collection into a resulting collection.
GetCrossSummationCheckerReturns a cross sum checker for int, long, double, Timespan.
SyntaxHelp1) 'PIVOT {rowKey} BY {columnKey}' like "PIVOT Colour BY Production.Year"
TryCheckForExistenceOfKeyUsed by query expressions in order to catch wrong field names used or misspelling of field names.


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