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EndPeriod , InitValue , IsAfter , IsBefore , IsGliding , IsInterval , Resolution , StartPeriod , Steps , ToDebugProperties , TryGetNext , TryGetPrevious , TryParse

ValueComparerDateTime is an attempt at offering a human language interface for date and time queries.

This class understands such terms as Today, BeforeYesterday, LastTwoDays, Last6Months, ThisYear, LastYear and so on.

Enables queries like 'Order/WHERE Created = ThisMonth', that is, a query where you do not have to change the condition of the query expression as time passes.

Understood by QueryExpressionWhere.

Terms like Ago and In means that specific period. For instance on Thursday TwoDaysAgo means Tuesday (only) while InTwoDays means Saturday (only).

Terms like Last and Next means an interval (until today or from today). For instance on Thursday LastTwoDays means Tuesday and Wednesday while NextTwoDays means Friday and Saturday.
(see IsInterval.)

See also IsAfter, IsBefore, IsGliding.

NOTE: As soon as an instance of ValueComparerDateTime is created in C#,
NOTE: it has a limited usefulness as time passes because the
NOTE: time of initialization decides the time range (StartPeriod / EndPeriod) that it compares against.
NOTE: For instance, at time 09:59 NextHour would mean 10:00 to 11:00, but the same object used later
NOTE: at 10:01 for instance would still compare against 10:00 to to 11:00.
NOTE: In other words, these object instances are time-limited and for one-time-use only.

EndPeriodThe end of the interval which this instance compares against.
InitValueFor debugging purposes. The initial 'now' value used before calculating StartPeriod and EndPeriod.
IsAfterThe modifier 'After' can be prepended in order to mean any time after the specified time.
IsBeforeThe modifier 'Before' can be prepended in order to mean from any time before the specified time.
IsGlidingThe modifier 'Gliding' (or just 'G') can be appended in order to mean continous gliding periode, so for instance
IsIntervalNormally the interval which is compared against is the timespan corresponding to Resolution.
ResolutionSee -ResolutionEnum-.
StartPeriodThe start of the interval which this instance compares against.
StepsValue 0 would mean 'This', like ThisHour, Today, ThisMonth and so on.
ToDebugPropertiesExposes all members of this class.
TryGetNextSuggestion for next query (browsing 'forwards')
TryGetPreviousSuggestion for previous query (browsing 'backwards')
TryParseNote: This parser is probably exhaustive but not necessarily logical


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