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TryGetNext , TryGetPrevious

Can evaluation expressions like 'WHERE Created = ThisYear.

Simplifies query expression regarding to the actual value comparision.
An example is 'Order/WHERE Created = ThisYear' as offered by ValueComparerDateTime.

Implementing classes:

TODO: Make extensible somehow.
TODO: Now all implementing classes have to be explicitly recognized by TryParse
TODO: meaning that it is not possible to implement classes outside of this library (outside of ARCQuery).
TODO: See for instance how QueryExpression and FunctionKey has been made extensible.
TODO: (note that an exact same approach can not be used for ValueComparer
TODO: because there is no single word in the start identifying which parser to use.

TryGetNextSuggestion for next query (browsing 'forwards')
TryGetPreviousSuggestion for previous query (browsing 'backwards')


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